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I have learned since doing this show that in order to be successful, I and the show will need partners.  In 2011 I started reaching out to listeners to help out with the increased cost of broadcasting. Blogtalkradio started off free, but in 2011 implemented a tiered system of service that required me to come up with money every month.  Not that I was against investing in my project on the internet, but I found to increase to the quality that I wanted to I did not have the personal resources so, I turned to my listeners. My listeners were and are smart and generous. When the call was made a number of people gathered to support us through many months.

After some time it became apparent that our needs had increased to more than the cost of broadcasting each month.  We were taking the show on the road. We did broadcasts from the local Republican Headquarters to interview people like Marco Rubio.  We headed to CPAC-Florida to be on radio row covering the event. We covered appearances of both John McCain and Sarah Palin when they made campaign stops in Tampa.  We did a week of shows from the Republican National convention radio. Our listeners came through! People like Patrick Ballard, Kenneth McClenton and Nicole Jocz were amazing helping us make out mark on the internet radio landscape.

It has always been my vision to expand the Willie Lawson Show to as many platforms as I could. Video has to be part of the equation, but there was going to be need of capital investment and for that I was going to need affiliate partners. Our concept of affiliate partners is that we a mutually beneficial to each other. At this point we have two major APs. The first is NEW HOMES OF TAMPA BAY, a local company that has changed the way you purchase a new construction home.  Our second AP is Keven Batts, the founder of THE RED RIVER CHRONICLE website webite is truly one the best conservative website anywhere. They have important news, opinion and commentary second to none.

Here is a little about NEW HOMES OF TAMPA BAY –

Homes of Tampa Bay is all about:

1. Knowledge with Expertise

The entire purpose of our push for knowledge in our niche is to make sure that you have the upper hand in the transaction from start to finish, and to help you avoid any pitfalls along the way. No one is going to pull the wool over your eyes with us on your side. Knowing the transaction process inside and out allows us to manipulate it in a manner that saves you literally THOUSANDS of dollars.

2. Power of Relationship

We’ve certainly made some waves in the short time we’ve been in business. We secret shop literally every single model home in the Tampa Bay. We can tell the good eggs from the bad ones like a Willy Wonka factory, not that we’re a better judge of character than most people, but we know fact from fiction when the sales associates start giving us their version of what you think you’re buying.

Now that sounded a little mean so let me preface the rest of what I say by mentioning that these guys and gals are entirely worth defending, they are not the bad guys at all here. Some of them are the most caring people you’ll ever meet, and they are genuinely concerned about making certain that you’re taken care of throughout the process, but we’ve already put these guys through the ringer so you can rely on a professional experience, rather than a gut instinct, Rest assured, you will never receive a bill from New Homes of Tampa Bay for our services.

Here is a little about THE RED RIVER CHRONICLE –

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