The Willie Lawson Show – Rocking Your World Since March 2008

The Willie Lawson show on first aired the last week in March of 2008.  The initial idea for the show was to be social commentary spanning any number of topics. we talked about child rearing and education as well the current focus of conservative politics.

The show’s formative months ended being wrapped around the 2008 presidential election and Sen. Barrack Obama.  There was almost no way to avoid it.  With the help of people like Elizabeth Blackney, Fausta Wertz, Eric Odom, and Ali Akbar the cornerstone of the show as a conservative political show from a Black man’s perspective was set in stone.

The Willie Lawson Show was bound and determined to be more than just a once a week “podcast.”  We wanted to use the internet radio platform as it was growing in leaps and bounds.   So we went from a Saturday afternoon show to a five day a week program.  Before my illness in 2014 we were doing a show every day 5 days a week for 2 hours a day.

The Willie Lawson Show has talked to some of the most important people in conservative politics in the past 8 years.  The guest list includes Francis Rice, Rev. Jessie Lee Peterson, Star Parker, Herman Cain, former Ambassador John Bolton, Shirley Husar, Elizabeth Blackney, Fausta Wertz, Eric Odom, US Rep. from Florida Dennis Ross and many others! The show became mobile in 2012 and found itself on radio row at CPAC Florida and later at the Republican National Committee convention in Tampa Florida. A rather large accomplishment for an independent internet program with only the help of listeners.

The Willie Lawson Show in 2010 got involved in a brokered time arrangement with News Radio 860 WGUL and did 22 weeks of Saturday programs with them while continuing our regular weekly schedule. The second show of WGUL I interview the late, great Andrew Breitbart! Who happened to be on the cover of  Townhall magazine that week.  Townhall Magazine  was owned by the same company that owned WGUL, Salem communication. We made quite a impression our second week.

After my triple bypass surgery in January of 2014 we have cut back to one hour shows a few times a week. We still have an impact as our guest list is still impressive with guests including former Lt. Governor of Florida Jennifer Carroll and the Chair of BlakPac a super PAC created to get conservative Blacks elected to office, George Farrell.

The Willie Lawson in 2014 expanded to through You can listen to shows exclusively done for IHEARTRADIO. Using the SPreaker platform the Willie Lawson Show universe has expanded to sports and music shows.  We do a show called “It’s A Final”, that is a score wrap up show for College Football and the NFL.  We also do a show called the “Not Quite Midnight Jazz Show”, that is gaining popularity and was just submitted for approval to IHEARTRADIO.

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