Growing A Community Of Dependency

I am sitting here watching a story on a groups of kids in south Florida that wanted to do something for other children that don’t get presents at Christmas. This seems like a wonderful warm idea but as the story played out the group of deserving children were all Black and the givers were all White. I know that some might think that I am making too much from this, but it was the comments of the Black children.

All of the children seemed more than just appreciative, they are learning a lesson. The lesson they learned this Christmas was that White people should give you stuff. The White children are being taught by their parents that they should feel bad about what they have and should spend time, energy, and effort giving it away to others.

I know that this post seems all #blacklivesmatters-ish but in reality it is just the opposite. This idea that that White Children are to “give something back” other than just being thankful for what they were born into perpetuates this supposed White guilt, as well as perpetuates the idea that White people owe Blacks something and it is their moral duty to provide it.

What also popped out at me while watching this piece was the ease of the Black parent in accepting the gifts. There didn’t seem to be any resistance or embarrassment that a group of White children were providing what they couldn’t for their children.

We ( Americans) Must Not Let This Woman Be President

I am not sure what it is going to take for Americans to see the danger that we are in from both internal and external forces. Hillary Clinton must be stopped! She is not suited to obe president of the United States of America. We must band together to preserve the Republic before it is destroyed. The disaster that has been the Obama administration will be worse tenfold should this woman gain the presidency.

Family Guy comments On Black On Black Crime – Perfect!

It does seem today the only time #blacklivesmatter is when we are killed by a White person. The daily horror that continues in the urban community continues to go unnoticed by main stream media and the left. It is a subject that you can’t even get the so-call Black leadership to talk about. Family Guy writers nail it in this clip.