Nobody Talking Tax Code This Time Around

With all that has surrounded the presidential election cycle what has not been something that would make a marked difference in the candidates that are left is any discussion of making real changes to the tax code. I find this curious because there is nothing that touches every single American as much as the tax code. Whether directly in form of having to write a check or indirectly in form of living with aftermath of a broken tax code destroys business growth and employment opportunities.

In 2008, Mike Huckabee presented to the nation the “Fair Tax”, which would have ended the reign of terror of the IRS for most Americans. But Huckabee’s views on immigration were a mountain too tall for most to climb over to unchain themselves from the death grip of the IRS and a progressive tax system that needs K Street to operate.

In 2012 Herman Cain’s “9-9-9” plan that met to much critical acclaim was interned with the bones of a failed campaign, killed by lies and innuendo.

This cycle all of the proposed tax plans are different versions of the same life chocking and economy killing progressive system we have now. I wonder why that is. Could it be that if any candidate proposes a plan that diminishes that power of K. Street signs the death warrant of their campaign?

The Insanity Of Open Primaries

There doesn’t seem like I can do anything about it but, this whole open primary thing seems to be the lynchpin of election corruption.

The entire idea of open primaries and why either major political party would participate in them escapes me. FR me it is like Apple letting everyone including Samsung, LG, Motorola have a say in who their next CEO is going to be. I seems like a system ripe for chaos and corruption. But there is a presidential candidate that is benefiting from this madness, Donald Trump.

In New Hampshire, an open primary state only 55% people voting in the Republican primary identified themselves as Republican. How can this result be considered as an accurate voice of New Hampshire Republicans that went to the polls to express their preference for the Republican Party’s nominee for President? It seems foolish to consider any of this anything other than chaos and foolishness. The 55% self identified Republicans split their vote between Trump and the other Republican candidates, a clear diluted vote for sure.

Super Tuesday is today and vintage media is chomping at the bit to “call” the primary process closed by the 11 o clock new tonight. But I don’t see how this is possible with the number of primaries today.

I am of the mind that there need to be campaign reform but the first reform should be the elimination of open primaries.