Good To Be Back In The Captain’s Chair!

My campaign for local office is over. I did not qualify to be on the ballot. I lot of people worked very hard for me but we fell short. But as disappointed as we are, the good thing is that the end of the campaign put me back in the captain’s chair. The captain’s chair is the chair I do the Willie Lawson Show from. I have done internet radio since March of 2008 and I find it one of the best things I have ever done. It has opened vistas that I never knew existed. The people that I have been blessed with meeting and the places that I have gotten go have been overwhelming. So being back in the captain’s chair is a great place to be.

Being away for a bit of time has given a different perspective on what we have done here. I see our broadcasts differently now. I am sure that we have been not aiming nearly high enough. I had become too comfortable with just Blogtalkradio and audio only. The fact is, in order to accomplish our mission we have to expand. We have to get into other audio only markets and into the video information stream too. I have come to terms with all of it and I am ready to move forward. The trouble is that to expand, like in any endeavor requires resources. We need microphones, lights, cameras, backdrops, and software as well as broadcast fees for what we do already.

I am currently trying to raise revenue through advertising but it has been slow. I want to be able to offer someone multiple platforms to get their message out and we are not ready to do so.

We need your help. I need your help. This is not a non-profit enterprise, there is no tax benefit to helping us financially. You can consider yourself an “Angel” investor. What you can think about as a gift to friend. So if you think that what we are doing is worth doing and is important please help us. The only future of truth in journalism in America will be led by citizens, and thus must be supported other citizens

Our GOFUNDME link is:

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My McDonald’s Order Kiosk Video

This video os a video of the only order kiosk in a McDonald’s restaurant in Florida. After making this video I saw a taboola ad from a website and I recognized my hand and clicked on the link. And sure enough it was my video. It was being used to monetize a website other than my own! At first I was rather upset but the video became pretty popular and there was a great deal of buzz about it. It continues to get views so I thought I would share it here.

What do you think about what McDonald’s is doing and how do you think it will affect employment?

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Rio Is Not Ready

It is becoming common knowledge that Rio is nowhere near ready for the Summer olympic games.  The IOC is doing all they can cover up the incompetence and corruption. The question we have here in America is should president Obama forbid the US Olympic Team from competing in the 2016 Summer Games due to the danger and disease there in Rio?


Being On My Own Politically

Well I guess I have reached an important place in my political development. I have of my own doing cut my political umbilical cords. In 2008 I met through online radio people that I have leaned on for platform and finances for my show and other activities. They have been friends and allies. I still have respect for them, but it seems that we are growing apart. They have become a target of my frustration as of late now are ready to distance themselves from me.
I did not know how I felt about this once I realized what was going on but as I sit here today, I believe I am ready to go it on my own. Maybe ready to develop new partnerships. Maybe I can make new friends that can accept my changing political sensibilities. I do not think I have changed at all, but it is hard to see change from the inside.
By now you are wondering why I have not mentioned any names. Because they are not important, and they know who they are if they read this. It is about the idea of change and developing your path. It is time for me to develop my own path. I am ready. I am looking forward to pushing through and making life for people in my community. If that means being elected to public office or becoming a community organizer the future will unveil that.
A great number of us started this journey with some people that are no longer there for us. They do not call us, and they do not take our calls anymore. Do not be discouraged or upset. You have learned what you needed from them and you are ready to expand your territory in the name of freedom and liberty, Forge ahead!


FIGHT BACK is here to do damage to the left! In order to get to the places we need to and share the words of freedom and liberty we must have resources. We need to have resources to get to places to encourage people to keep the faith of what this nation is all about. In order to do this we are offering FIGHT BACK gear. T-shirts, and sweat shirts and other items will be added to store in the coming days.

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Republicans Have Made This Meal, Time To Eat It!

I will start this piece by saying I did not support Trump in the primary. Early on I like a lot of people thought his campaign was not more than a publicity stunt for his brand.  But time went on and his popularity increased. He started to win primaries and had to be taken more seriously. Yes, I agree that most of the debates and Trump’s performance in them was cringe-worthy. Most I could watch but nothing derailed this dumpster fire of a campaign.

With each passing month more “substantial” candidates fell by the wayside until only Trump was left. How was this possible? Donald Trump was going to be the Republican nominee for president!?! I must admit is was and still is tough to wrap my brain around. Republicans had the finest group of candidates they have had in quite some time and this was how it was going to end?! Yes, this is what we have, Donald Trump, with all of the warts.

How did this happen? MY view is that Republicans have been selling “snake oil” and empty promises for seven years. They have continuously over-promised and have continued to come up short. in 2012 these cries for the repeal of Obamacare were never going to happen! But Republicans signed oaths and campaigned on the repeal of Obamacare knowing full well that Obama was never going to sign a bill that repealed his signature piece of legislation. But the rank and file hungry for a win and tilted at the Obamacare windmill. Failure.

In 2014 Republicans came back to their base and in effect said that if can’t kill Obamacare we will starve it. So rank and file Republicans more desperate for a win than they were in 2012 were all in! Surprise of all surprises, Republicans were now “in control” of the US Senate.  Surely there would be earth shaking change as Obama’s agenda came to a crashing halt! Well not only didn’t the Obama agenda stop it gained speed and took on more Obamacare, and executive amnesty, and Planned Parenthood funding, all of which was funded with the help of former vice – presidential candidate now House Speaker Paul Ryan.  Such betrayal! Could anyone be trusted?!?! Would anyone keep their promise? This opened the door to an outsider. It was going to take a “take charge, get things done” person to encourage Republican voters that they had a chance and any future. Donald Trump seemed to fit the bill.

Trump’s past dealing were easily explained away by the Reagan comparison strategy. Trump appears to be tough. He is not “well spoken” and that seems to separate him from more ” polished” politicians.  Which has worked to his advantage thus far. Trump is “shoot from the hip” and not cerebral which has allowed him to capture the emotion of the those that feel betrayed by Republicans. I get the frustration. “Established” Republicans have failed time after time. People are sick of it.

I also understand that “established” Republicans are in no hurry to turn their power, influence, and position to a guy like Trump. He has made it clear that people like Bush, Ryan, and Romney have no place or position in a Trump presidency. The last thing they want to be is irrelevant. And I think in a Trump White House they would be just that. So they believe they are fighting for their political future.

This is the crux of the problem, they are not fighting for those that they say they represent they are fighting for themselves. “Established” Republicans are using the vitriol of the primaries to fuel their continued attacks against Trump.

But at some point you have to start thinking strategically don’t you?  There is no way to replace Trump and not have Clinton win the White House in November is there? Of course not. The facts are the facts, millions of Republicans support Trump this is monster “Established” Republicans have created. It would seem the only talking point to have while being questioned by media should be ” I will vote for the Republican nominee, thus supporting the choice of millions of Republicans.” Yes, for a lot of people this is a crap sandwich, but there is little choice at this point. Sprinkle some sugar on it deep fry it, and Bon appetit!