Being On My Own Politically

Well I guess I have reached an important place in my political development. I have of my own doing cut my political umbilical cords. In 2008 I met through online radio people that I have leaned on for platform and finances for my show and other activities. They have been friends and allies. I still have respect for them, but it seems that we are growing apart. They have become a target of my frustration as of late now are ready to distance themselves from me.
I did not know how I felt about this once I realized what was going on but as I sit here today, I believe I am ready to go it on my own. Maybe ready to develop new partnerships. Maybe I can make new friends that can accept my changing political sensibilities. I do not think I have changed at all, but it is hard to see change from the inside.
By now you are wondering why I have not mentioned any names. Because they are not important, and they know who they are if they read this. It is about the idea of change and developing your path. It is time for me to develop my own path. I am ready. I am looking forward to pushing through and making life for people in my community. If that means being elected to public office or becoming a community organizer the future will unveil that.
A great number of us started this journey with some people that are no longer there for us. They do not call us, and they do not take our calls anymore. Do not be discouraged or upset. You have learned what you needed from them and you are ready to expand your territory in the name of freedom and liberty, Forge ahead!

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