Good To Be Back In The Captain’s Chair!

My campaign for local office is over. I did not qualify to be on the ballot. I lot of people worked very hard for me but we fell short. But as disappointed as we are, the good thing is that the end of the campaign put me back in the captain’s chair. The captain’s chair is the chair I do the Willie Lawson Show from. I have done internet radio since March of 2008 and I find it one of the best things I have ever done. It has opened vistas that I never knew existed. The people that I have been blessed with meeting and the places that I have gotten go have been overwhelming. So being back in the captain’s chair is a great place to be.

Being away for a bit of time has given a different perspective on what we have done here. I see our broadcasts differently now. I am sure that we have been not aiming nearly high enough. I had become too comfortable with just Blogtalkradio and audio only. The fact is, in order to accomplish our mission we have to expand. We have to get into other audio only markets and into the video information stream too. I have come to terms with all of it and I am ready to move forward. The trouble is that to expand, like in any endeavor requires resources. We need microphones, lights, cameras, backdrops, and software as well as broadcast fees for what we do already.

I am currently trying to raise revenue through advertising but it has been slow. I want to be able to offer someone multiple platforms to get their message out and we are not ready to do so.

We need your help. I need your help. This is not a non-profit enterprise, there is no tax benefit to helping us financially. You can consider yourself an “Angel” investor. What you can think about as a gift to friend. So if you think that what we are doing is worth doing and is important please help us. The only future of truth in journalism in America will be led by citizens, and thus must be supported other citizens

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