Nadra Enzi – Lethal Force The Final Social Program

It boggles my mind at the amount of misplaced sympathy otherwise lucid people direct toward willfully destructive individuals. If the best some can come up with in a 21st century wonderland is repeat offenses and violence, why bother with them? The economic misery of the last 12 years has been borne without assault and larceny by the vast majority of Americans. Is it wise to slap them in the face for being civil and decent under extreme duress?

Ban the box campaigns for felons seeking jobs or reentry programs ignores the plight of non-criminals who can’t find work or enough to sustain themselves. I type as one of those non-criminals, an urban one no less, whose merit is dismissed in a squall of crocodile tears for criminals.

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Racism Is Not The Problem, It’s The Economy Stupid – Fight Back Media Group

Main stream media and the political left are full tilt boogie to refocus urban America away from its biggest problem, the economy! The Pew Research people continue to produce data that is much more important than if Republicans or Trump are racists. It is the express duty of the left make those of us in the urban community to focus on race as if it is the most important issue in our community. The chart below shows the level of child poverty in America. These numbers are due to continued failure in economics concerning the urban community.

No matter how much the left tells the urban community their biggest boogie man is the bigot, know that it is a failing economy that hurts the most.

Black Wall Street Video – Fight Back Media Group

This is a video explaining what Black Wall Street was and what happened there. The most frustrating thing about all of this that even in this very informative video it doesn’t put forth with enough power to use that very same strength to rebuild something as powerful. The video alludes that Black people no longer have the ability mentally or culturally to rebuild something similar. Fight Back Media Group is of the mind that Black Americans have the inate ability to solve what is the biggest problem they have, economics!

The continuous drone from the left that tries to have minorities singularly focused on race is the message that has hamstrung the development or redevelopment of other “Black Wall Streets.!”

Nadra Enzi comments on Colin Kaepernick’s Non-Stance During the Pledge

As someone who stands during the Pledge of Allegiance ( raised by a Jim Crow vintage grandmother who always stood on arthritic knees and nerve-damaged feet when it played on TV ), I’m not angered by NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during this national tradition.

He said of this national tradition, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” Young men his age, regardless of wealth, often air a ” Mississippi Burning “view of America as if no progress has happened. It’s part of a calculated hostility which must be deleted.

Grandma, like my late grandfather and mother, were public school educators. They didn’t earn millions as professional football quarterbacks. The America they grew up in denied that coveted position to athletes from our strand of the American fabric.They experienced real oppression and put it in context: they rejected bias without rejecting America. buy cialis in indonesia source link what are the effects of zithromax compare and contrast essay ppt help paying for crestor descriptive essay my room kamagra from china can you take aleve and celebrex together lipitor goodrx go here go site quels sont effets secondaire viagra see url enter site get link essay writers lbj great society + essay arnold friend devil essay topics dissertation topic examples marketing enter site vendo cialis barcelona en mano ib extended essay table of contents example website that will write a paper for you (Read the rest at

Fight Back Media Group – Colin Kaepernick

It doesn’t stop! The left continues to push their agenda unrelentingly. The have been great at injecting their nonsense into every part of American life. Sports used to be a refuge from the social justice agenda. But now sports has become a platform for social just nonsense to pushed down the throat of an unsuspecting public. It didn’t start with the NBA’s Jason Collins and continued to Micheal Sam of the NFL. We saw St. Louis Rams players come out with the “hands up, don’t shoot”, that started the #blacklivesmatter. There was no mention that it was all based on a lie. And now Colin Kaepernick decides to sit his happy ass down during the national Anthem. His says it was his protest. Colin Kaepernick says they he will not salute a flag of a nation that oppresses Black people.

Colin Kaepernick, most Black people you know are freaking millionaires and live their lives playing football. Not driving a bus, not washing dishes, not hanging off the back of a garbage truck, but playing football where the minimum wage is 435,000! Colin Kaepernick, needs to shut the hell up! If he believes that insulting the men and women that gave their lives so we could all including you, enjoy the freedom and ability to pursue whatever and wherever our dreams have led us. Colin Kaepernick, let me help you, there are about 1000 things you can do that will actually help the condition of Black people in America. Sitting down during the national anthem is NOT one of them. The best part about this is because you are at the end of your NFL career we will not have to hear from or about you.

This mess just seems like the desperate attempt of someone that was relevant for a minute and the chances of being relevant again slim to none. We are just hoping not to hear from Kaepernick again any time soon.



We Are Sick Of Getting Gamed With Cries Of Racism!

Another Black American who is sick of cries of racism from the left as if that is the only thing that Black people need to be concerned with. It is as if a strong economy is not a concern to those in the Urban community. Mike Carr, makes strong points about holding liberal Democrats that have run these large urban community for decades are never held accountable by Black people. Carr, is strong in his criticism of not only the left but Hillary Clinton. Please share this post. Mike Carr is a voice that needs to be heard!

Fight Back Media Group – In the house Florida Senator Marco Rubio in Plant City


Plant City, Florida – A very hot day in Plant City did not deter a smallish but loyal gathering that cam out to see Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio opened a campaign office in Brandon last week. Many of those in attendance have been Rubio supporters since 2010. Rubio started his senate campaign in Plant City at a Tea Party Rally.

1918401_207099504517_7834667_nWillie Lawson of Fight Back Media Group was there even then.

Rubio spoke to the crowd about the importance of voting. He brought up how important the senate was to the supreme court appointees that may be nominated. he touched on the horror of Obamacare and challenges facing working families.


Rubio spent time taking pictures and connecting with supporters
Rubio spent time taking pictures and connecting with supporters