You might want to know what the Fight Back Media Project is all about. By this this time most of you have received an invitation to join the Facebook page or donate on Gofundme. What we are going to do is build a new media infrastructure that allows the 1000’s of independent conservative voices to raise their platforms to be seen and heard over the din of the deceased main stream media.

Most of us know of two or three independent conservative media properties, but the problem is that raising awareness of them through marketing is expensive and time consuming. Fight Back Media Group will becoming a Drudge-like clearinghouse for content producers that need more exposure.

We want to provide this service to the content producers for a minimal cost or even free! Most of us are already coming out of out own pocket for whatever we are doing. The reason we can’t advertise is that we don’t have the money. This is where you come in.

We need you to shift your support from main stream media to the Fight Back Media Group. We nee you to help us build and maintain this infrastructure that is dedicated to bring the best of urban conservatives to America.

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