Fight Back Media Group – Colin Kaepernick

It doesn’t stop! The left continues to push their agenda unrelentingly. The have been great at injecting their nonsense into every part of American life. Sports used to be a refuge from the social justice agenda. But now sports has become a platform for social just nonsense to pushed down the throat of an unsuspecting public. It didn’t start with the NBA’s Jason Collins and continued to Micheal Sam of the NFL. We saw St. Louis Rams players come out with the “hands up, don’t shoot”, that started the #blacklivesmatter. There was no mention that it was all based on a lie. And now Colin Kaepernick decides to sit his happy ass down during the national Anthem. His says it was his protest. Colin Kaepernick says they he will not salute a flag of a nation that oppresses Black people.

Colin Kaepernick, most Black people you know are freaking millionaires and live their lives playing football. Not driving a bus, not washing dishes, not hanging off the back of a garbage truck, but playing football where the minimum wage is 435,000! Colin Kaepernick, needs to shut the hell up! If he believes that insulting the men and women that gave their lives so we could all including you, enjoy the freedom and ability to pursue whatever and wherever our dreams have led us. Colin Kaepernick, let me help you, there are about 1000 things you can do that will actually help the condition of Black people in America. Sitting down during the national anthem is NOT one of them. The best part about this is because you are at the end of your NFL career we will not have to hear from or about you.

This mess just seems like the desperate attempt of someone that was relevant for a minute and the chances of being relevant again slim to none. We are just hoping not to hear from Kaepernick again any time soon.



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