For Public Consumption

I have waited a while to share thoughts about the events of January 6th in Washington D.C. I am of the mind this was psyop on the American people. Normally I am not the big conspiracy person but this is different. The left did not just want to get rid of Donald Trump they wanted to create a scorched earth scenario.

The left had been saying for weeks that it not be enough to beat Trump in an election it was vital to destroy his supporters too. The left’s goal was to break the back of those that supported President Trump. Government law officials knew for weeks of plans of anti-government groups to attack the capital and did nothing. Trump asked Nancy Pelosi to order up 10,000 national guard. That request was denied. Protest marches are nothing new to DC and the combination of Metro police and federal law enforcement are well skilled even with much larger crowds. Which it is at least suspicious that an unarmed rag-tag group of miscreants could breach one of the most secure buildings in the nation.

What American adult believes those is this photo had an opportunity to bring down our Republic?!? I know that Nancy Pelosi and her ilk still refer to this mess as an armed insurrection but, the FBI testified before congress that there were no weapons confiscated and no shots fired other than the one that killed Ashli Babbet. So that would trash the “armed insurrection” narrative I guess.

What happened at the capitol on January 6th was allowed to happen. And it was for public consumption. It was a was to besmirch those that are supporters of Donald Trump. It gave the go ahead for social media giants to shut down conservatives because their speech could spawn more violence. It gave Democrats an opening to erect the razor-wire fence around the capitol to remind of of the “danger” of Trump and his supporters. This is just theater for public consumption.