The Danger of Hero Worship

Way back in 2007 I saw a phenomenon in politics that I had not personally witnessed. I saw and heard people chanting the word Obama. There was a video of a group of elementary students sing an Obama song, Mmm, Mmm Mmm. It seemed weird to me and kind of scary. All of this over a single person. People tell me that there were some that felt the same about Ronald Reagan.

In 2015 I warned about the very same thing with those that were staunch supporters of Donald Trump. It was personality over everything. I ended up in heated arguments with other Republicans because I choose to let the primary process play out instead of crowning Trump the King of the Party right away. There were 2 votes for Rubio and one vote for Cruz in my house that year. It was so bad that someone in the local party accused me of violating my oath when I did not declare Trump the nominee before the convention was held. It was weird to me.

I ended up voting for the Republican nominee in the general election and was surprised pleasantly franky on many occasions. But I really do agree with Ben Shapiro thoughts on Trump; “Sometimes he hits a home run, sometimes he hits a baby!” So as much as I supported Trump on some many fronts I tried never to support him just because he was Trump.

I understand that Donald Trump speaks to a segment of the nation that had not been directly address in presidential politics in a a long while. Trump choose to speak to the majority of the nation not niche groups to act as his proxy. It was a strategy that frustrated and confounded the the consultant class but his blunt direct and often confrontational style people found refreshing. I get that so did I.

What the left failed to realize is that the barrage of attacks on Trump only steeled the resolve of his supporters. They felt and still do like they had to protect him in some way. I saw the very same thing with President Obama by the way. And as it has turned out the hero worship I was concerned with is happening. What a great number of you never saw were the portraits of the Obamas that graced the walls of many businesses and even homes before, during and after the Obamas were in the White House. Their faces on t-shirts, purses, and other articles that sold like hotcakes in communities across the country. There was and is still an undying love for the Obamas.

So when I am seeing the same thing for president Trump it shouldn’t surprise me but, it does concern me. Yesterday, here in Tampa there was a boat parade, we have become quite famous for our boat parades as of late. But this one was to celebrate Donald Trump. There were Trump 2024 flags on nearly every vessel. There were hundreds of boats and a few thousand people both on boats on on the shore. I appreciated the enthusiasm but I still am wary of the hero worship I see and hear with some of these good people. When personalities are elevated over principles we are headed for trouble. Look, I get it, I too liked the direction of the country under Trump and I am also concerned about what the left has in store for us. But I will not put all my hope in concerning the future of the Republic in a single person. We must first put our trust in God and his Word. This nation’s founding documents must be the blue print of the future regardless of any one person.

Remember patriots, the founders wanted the President to have so little power that it really did not matter who that person was. Let us not elevate that position higher than it should be.

So My Life Is Now A Slogan

It has been a year of the constant barrage of the phrase “Black Lives Matter!” We hear it during protest marches and see it on the floors and fields of professional sporting events. The phrase is plastered on these damnable masks we are forced to wear. I walked by a clothing stare to see dozens of articles of clothing with the slogan emblazoned on them. I have a question I would like to present to you.

Please do not misunderstand me, the sentiment that Black Lives Matter is of course true and important. Being a Black person of course I believe my life matters as well as the lives of my family and community. What pricked my spirit today was the fact that everything that is important about me and my community has been trivialized down to a slogan. And the more a slogan is used the less meaning it has over time.

To be frank to see some 14 year old white girl wearing sweatshirt with Black Lives Matter on it screams of virtue signaling. There is no depth there. There is no historical understanding of the continuing plight of Black people in America. She is wearing the shirt to be cool. And maybe that should not bother me, but is does.

I have deep problems with the organization that is BLM and those that fund it. Which is why I have always been suspect of their methods and manner. This use of a phrase that on the surface most people agree with without exploring is a sneaky underhanded approach to ward off any investigation into the organization. In the very same way as the “Save The Whales” campaign did a number of years ago. So if you disagreed with the organization, you were framed as someone that wanted Whales to go extinct. There was no room for context or nuance. Honest discussion was not allowed. Save The Whales period! The same methodology is being used with Black Lives Matter. There can be no discussion of the organization or those that riot and kill in the name of the phrase. For some it is either Black Lives Matter, or they don’t. Save The Whales, Black Lives Matter are the continuation of George Orwell’s Newspeak. Just keep saying it until you don’t question it anymore.

How can that be accomplished? By turning the phrase into a slogan. Something that is a marketable phrase that is easy to spell and pronounce. “Where’s The Beef?!” comes to mind. “Just Do It”, “Finger Lickin’ Good” these slogans all have something in common, they are simple. That simplicity makes it easy to share and to market.

But do I want the entirety of my life, struggles, accomplishments, failures, safety boiled down to a catchy tagline? I don’t.