Stop Being Dumb

I know that the title of this post may seem more than a bit harsh or disrespectful, but I needed to get your attention right away. I want to explore the talking points I often read from those on the Christian right on what things need to be done in order to return to the America they grew up in. Most of what people propose sounds great until you ask the next question. The areas we are exploring today are prayer in schools, the constitution, and financial education. I often hear that these things need to be in, or back in the school environment.

It amazes me that anyone that is watching and listening to those that run school systems in this can really think that these are the people that should be directing our children’s faith life in any real way. We hear all the time” they need to bring prayer back in schools.” My first thought is always, who will lead these prayers and who/what will these prayers be directed to? Are you comfortable with your child learning Islamic, Buddhist, or Hindu prayers? Or some new age petition to the universe? What are the chances that your child’s teacher will grab the King James Version of the Bible from their desk and read scripture from it? Some of you would have a problem with the New King James or the New Living and the Message Bible! Do not be Dumb. The job of leading the faith of your children is on you, parents. You cannot trust the school system with such an important task. Instead of sending your child to school to pray, why not take the family to church to pray together. Or better yet, pray at home as a family if you believe it will make the difference.

Regarding the constitution and civics. It would seem like schools would be able to handle this task. After all this seems cut and dried. But do you trust the teacher that graduated from the university indoctrination center that preached hate for America or 4 years to suddenly have a fond affection for the founders? The same founders that this teacher has been taught were white supremacist atheists. Do you trust someone that would teach that the 3/5 compromise meant that black people were only 60% worth of a white person? Do you trust a teacher that cannot wait to spread Critical Race Theory to your children? Frustrating, isn’t it? So here is another task that we as parent must take on. The good news is that there are more resources than ever to help parents with this. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

I also see a ton of grumbling about children not learning about money matters in school. Well, we are back to the same problem. Do you trust a profession dominated by those that have never done a payroll to teach your youngster about money matters? Most teacher I worked with knew nothing about investing and were depending on their pension and social security when they retired. Is this the bunch you think has a handle on the serious financial matters that will face our children?

How about is schools stick to the basics? Preparing our students to build upon those basics on their own. How about parents understand that their children are not dry cleaning they can drop off and pick up perfect at the end of the day. Our children are our responsibility. What they learn about faith, is on us. What they learn about civics, is on us. What they learn about money, is on us. This our reality. So, stop being dumb and let us raise our kids!