Nadra Enzi – Lethal Force The Final Social Program

It boggles my mind at the amount of misplaced sympathy otherwise lucid people direct toward willfully destructive individuals. If the best some can come up with in a 21st century wonderland is repeat offenses and violence, why bother with them? The economic misery of the last 12 years has been borne without assault and larceny by the vast majority of Americans. Is it wise to slap them in the face for being civil and decent under extreme duress?

Ban the box campaigns for felons seeking jobs or reentry programs ignores the plight of non-criminals who can’t find work or enough to sustain themselves. I type as one of those non-criminals, an urban one no less, whose merit is dismissed in a squall of crocodile tears for criminals.

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Family Guy comments On Black On Black Crime – Perfect!

It does seem today the only time #blacklivesmatter is when we are killed by a White person. The daily horror that continues in the urban community continues to go unnoticed by main stream media and the left. It is a subject that you can’t even get the so-call Black leadership to talk about. Family Guy writers nail it in this clip.