The Need For Fight Back Media – My View

Like many of us I grew up under the impression that if you wanted to be informed you should read the newspaper and watch the TV news broadcasts. The New York Times, Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal all beacons of journalistic integrity. They were the muckrakers of our day. They uncovered scandals an held politicians accountable. But things have changed. We watched Brinkley and Huntley, Cronkite and Rather thinking that these were the epitome of newsmen in the mold of Edward R. Murrow. But something changed.

Some would say that it was the advent of the cable news channels.  The 24/7 babble of CNN forever changed the picture of news and news gathering. On the major broadcast channels, the only obvious competition revolved round how trustworthy the new readers were and, holding on to the market share they already had. CNN was on up start cable and had to do something to attract viewers, not just at 6:00pm but all day. What could they do to get someone to watch a news broadcast at 3:30 in the afternoon?

They figured it out, they could be first on any scene and stay on that scene longer than anyone else. Then that was not enough they had to make that scene as dramatic as they could to keep viewers there. so they started using reporters with opinions to stir the pot a bit. CNN saw that the controversy of opinion would hold on to viewers. They liked it so much they divided up into teams. CNN ran “Headline News”, a “loop of the hour top stories, while n the next channel they ran some of the first opinion based programs. They were disguised and public affairs shows but were nothing more than as platforms for hosts to expouse  their opinions .

Early on CNN seemed to be pragmatic in their politic approach with hosts like Wolf Blitzer and Glenn Beck.  But the election of Barack Obama seemed to change things. More liberal, even leftist opinions were being lifted up as fact. Blitzer turned left and Beck went away. CNN was solidly in the corner of the Obama campaign, even against Hillary Clinton. Any appearance of objectivity was gone. That opened the door for MSNBC to try to “outleft” CNN. MSNBC went celeb with Rachel Maddow, a female comic with a talent for snark was now one of their leading opinion people. MSNBC understood left start power, it wasn’t long before Al Sharpton was front and center with a pro Obama show named “Forward” taken from the Obama campaign motto.

At this point it was on! A constant barrage of liberal and leftists dominated the airwaves.  An constant push of the Democrat narrative by talking points delivered into the homes of Americans. The balance is so thrown off Fox News being portrayed as a conservative “safespace.” When it is the most balanced of the major media outlets.

This slide by the cable networks forced the other networks to follow suit in order to hold on to viewers. Newspapers went along for the very same reasons, as their share of American influence continues to shrink.

So I believe it is time for someone to expose  the MainStream Media for what it is, the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party and the Marxist movement in America. This is why we started Fight Back Media Group. We are dedicated to bringing attention to this dangerous and destructive narrative by main stream media and pop culture. This narrative has been especially harmful in urban America.

We are ready to partner with the best urban conservative voices in America to bring a the counter narrative to communities that need to hear it most. We are partnering with voices like Sonnie Johnson, Shirley Husar, K Carl Smith, Rev. CL Bryant, and Kevin Batts to shine light on what Democrats and the left with the help of Main Stream Media have been doing to urban America for more than 50 years.

Help us as we embark on this admittedly “David vs. Goliath” endeavor.  Along with our internet campaigns we are planning important townhall style meeting around the country to bring the message of the urban conservative to urban America!


Our Fight Against Big Government Is Not Just In Washington

I received a copy of a letter that a local Pastor sent to Tampa City Council today concerning the churches desire to build a preschool on their property. Although it does not surprise many of us that the city has taken the position is has, I am publishing this to illustrate that a big government that smothers real progress that community leaders are ready to make.

This is the copy of the email I sent to the Tampa City Council today 10/11/2016 regarding their fees for approving our preschool / daycare.

Dear City Council Members;

I am a pastor of a Tampa church which has served the community with food, clothing, and cash donations for over 20 years. We recently decided to add a preschool to our existing ministries. In order to be included in the VPK program I applied for a special use permit with the city of Tampa on 9/30/2016; I was shocked to learn that I would need to pay over $1,500.00 in fees, obtain another survey of my church facility, and present my request before you twice before I could proceed with the preschool / daycare program. I believe that as a not for profit organization your fees are excessive, and considering our level of community involvement, unjust and unnecessary. We are trying to provide a service to working families and I believe it is incumbent upon civic leaders to facilitate our actions not hinder them. I request that the fees be reduced if not eliminated and that you promptly move on approving our application.


Pastor Dr. Tony Smart
Victory Baptist Church
6202 South MacDill Ave.
Tampa, FL 33611.

Please help Pastor Smart in his quest to help his community by contacting your City Council member.


I was listening to Mark Levin on the way home and was surprised to hear Levin turn the corner on Trump. Levin makes a very politically pragmatic argument for voting for Trump in this particular situation.

Listen to what Levin said yesterday:

These Are Times That Try Mens’ Souls

This week, two more police shooting that result in the death of two Black men. Black Lives Matter, and the rest of the usual suspects take over Facebook and twitter calling out all of us “Uncle Ruckus” types because we have spoken of up for law and order in our own community. We seek safety in out community. We know that chaos will not provide the atmosphere for growth. And for this will are “part of the problem.” Well today lets talk about the events of the past couple of days.

Terrance Cutcher, was shot and killed by a Tulsa police officer. The dashcam video along with the helicopter footage makes this look like a “bad shoot.” There is an investigation going on and we will see what the Tulsa Police Department determines. At that point we will be in a position to make further commentary. In the other shooting Keith Lamont Scoot reportedly had a hand gun. His family says it was a book. But according to police, Scott was told numerous times to drop it and did not and was eventually shot and killed by Brently Vinson, a Charlotte PD officer. Not that it matters but Vinson is Black. There is an ongoing investigation and we will know more soon.

I am encouraged in the Tulsa shooting based on how quickly the dashcam and helicopter video was released, even though it did show the Tulsa PD in the best light. I am hoping that if there are charges to be filed that it all happens quickly and peacefully. I have not seen video of the Charlotte shooting. I also hope that if there is video it is shown quickly and justice is swift. However that manifests.

My concern is the tense atmosphere in Urban America. In this atmosphere both residents and law enforcement have to be in together. And this makes every encounter more dangerous. Stakeholders in these communities must be willing to engage law enforcement to ease the tension and the atmosphere. Law enforcement have to be willing to make changes to policing and training to ease the same tensions and distrust. Neither side can afford to stand like a north going Zax and a south going Zax nose to nose face to face in the prairie of prax. It is beneficial for all involved to work on real solutions that will make Urban America safer.

Being On My Own Politically

Well I guess I have reached an important place in my political development. I have of my own doing cut my political umbilical cords. In 2008 I met through online radio people that I have leaned on for plattform and finances for my show and other activities. They have been friends and allies. I still have respect for them but it seems that we are growing apart. They have become a target of my frustration as of late now are ready to distance themselves from me.

I didn’t know how I felt about this once I realized what was going on but as I sit here today I believe I am ready to go it on my own. Maybe it ready to develop new partnerships. Maybe I can make new friends that can accept my changing political sensibilities. I don’t think I have changed at all but it is hard to see change from the inside.

By now you are wondering why I have not mentioned any names. Because they are not important and they know who they are if they read this.   It is about the idea of change and developing your path. It is time for me to develop my own path. I am ready. I am looking forward to pushing through and making life for people in my community. If that means being elected to public office or becoming a community organizer the future will unveil that.

A great number of us started this journey with some people that are no longer there for us. They don’t call us, and they don’t take our calls any more. Do not be discouraged or upset. You have learned what you needed from them and you are ready to expand your territory in the name of freedom and liberty, Forge ahead!

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Nobody Talking Tax Code This Time Around

With all that has surrounded the presidential election cycle what has not been something that would make a marked difference in the candidates that are left is any discussion of making real changes to the tax code. I find this curious because there is nothing that touches every single American as much as the tax code. Whether directly in form of having to write a check or indirectly in form of living with aftermath of a broken tax code destroys business growth and employment opportunities.

In 2008, Mike Huckabee presented to the nation the “Fair Tax”, which would have ended the reign of terror of the IRS for most Americans. But Huckabee’s views on immigration were a mountain too tall for most to climb over to unchain themselves from the death grip of the IRS and a progressive tax system that needs K Street to operate.

In 2012 Herman Cain’s “9-9-9” plan that met to much critical acclaim was interned with the bones of a failed campaign, killed by lies and innuendo.

This cycle all of the proposed tax plans are different versions of the same life chocking and economy killing progressive system we have now. I wonder why that is. Could it be that if any candidate proposes a plan that diminishes that power of K. Street signs the death warrant of their campaign?

The Insanity Of Open Primaries

There doesn’t seem like I can do anything about it but, this whole open primary thing seems to be the lynchpin of election corruption.

The entire idea of open primaries and why either major political party would participate in them escapes me. FR me it is like Apple letting everyone including Samsung, LG, Motorola have a say in who their next CEO is going to be. I seems like a system ripe for chaos and corruption. But there is a presidential candidate that is benefiting from this madness, Donald Trump.

In New Hampshire, an open primary state only 55% people voting in the Republican primary identified themselves as Republican. How can this result be considered as an accurate voice of New Hampshire Republicans that went to the polls to express their preference for the Republican Party’s nominee for President? It seems foolish to consider any of this anything other than chaos and foolishness. The 55% self identified Republicans split their vote between Trump and the other Republican candidates, a clear diluted vote for sure.

Super Tuesday is today and vintage media is chomping at the bit to “call” the primary process closed by the 11 o clock new tonight. But I don’t see how this is possible with the number of primaries today.

I am of the mind that there need to be campaign reform but the first reform should be the elimination of open primaries.

Conservatives Must Win in 2016

It is my thought that the conservative movement needs a win in 2016 or we be relegated to the dust bin of history. I know that is a very bold very statement but, it is time for bold statements. It is time to take off the 1776 blinders and see our situation for what it is now and behave accordingly.

In the past 7 years I have see nothing but division in the people that purport to defend the constitution and the Socialist Democrats that have taken over the vintage media and the a great deal of our government. Most of the infighting has not been about strategy, it has been a constant barrage of personal attacks that has left most conservatives defeated and depressed. There hasn’t been a unifying voice on the right that can develop a common cause.

I don’t want to see myself as a bigger light than I am but, I feel it is passed time for someone to stand up and say what must be said to the conservative community. Frankly, I will say exactly what I have been saying about the left to my friends on the right. It is time now fr the adults to send the children back to the children’s table.

Thank God for the Tea Party movement. It brought forth some terrific Americans that have and continue to do great things for the country. Without the Tea Party movement we might not know the likes of Col. Alan West or K. Carl Smith. Hundreds of Black conservatives used the conduit of the Tea Party to gain a national audience. But as with any populus movement, many people have a great deal of passion but lack the sophistication required to sustain a movement.

The sophistication I speak of comes in the form of ability see the “bigger picture” when it concerns the survival of the entire movement. That lack of sophistication caused many “turf” battles between Tea Party groups. Even though a great number people that aligned themselves along with the Tea Party movement were or had been Republican but that didn’t stop the turf battles between Tea Party groups and the Republican Party. The Tea Party movement had not yet gained the people that were familiar with branding and messaging and the as we know the Republican party has been notoriously bad those things for a long time. This gave the vintage media a great opportunity to portray Tea Party supporters as costumed racists. As the political battles became more intense so did the out of control rhetoric. The vintage media feasted on the smorgasbord outrageous and angry statement coming for passionate people concerned about the direction of the beloved country.

Now we are in a place that most vestiges of the Tea Party movement are gone or impotent in any real way. Yes, there are hastags and some website out here but most of them are not used anymore and the sites have very small followings. So now we have little choice but to embrace the “bigger picture” strategy.

We must employ the progressive strategies of incrementalism and focus. For us it means that we must always get the most conservative people elected and the most conservatives laws passed while all the time focused on getting more. We must never be satisfied, we must continue by pushing ever forward. Our elected candidates must never feel safe or comfortable in any office, because of the constant push of conservative principles will always be pushed and demanded from them.

We must also decide to participate in the culture war to regain the hearts of America and its youth. Nostalgia, is lost on youth and thus is a bad strategy win it comes to winning elections and pushing a conservative agenda. The future is the way to attract new and younger voters to our cause. Embracing the current culture and offering conservative solutions is better than demeaning it and those that are involved in the current culture. For instance, making pejorative statements about millennials will not endear them to our ideas.

We have to realize and understand that the avenues to winning voters is through the media that is popular. We have to become adept at more social media than facebook. We must get positive messages about the future in every conceivable place. A full blown media campaign that goes on 24/7/365, not just at election time. Our message must be able to stand alone and not be tied to a candidate for it resound. Candidates can be flawed. We must make sure that the positive message for the future is not entrusted to a flawed candidate. Barack Obama was a flawed candidate but was able to carry a positive message.

Obama was laden with flaws, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright,no executive experience, questionable campaign practices in Illinois, and his birth certificate madness. Still he able to deliver positive message. We are sure now what we knew then, Obama message was and is all sizzle and no steak. But it does point out the power of a positive message. Conservatives must craft a positive message, especially for millennials. Something to contrast the doctrine of doom for progressive. We must craft a message of empowerment for the individual, building on the uniqueness of each person.

The importance of victory in 2016 can not be overstated!