What I Think About Guns

President Obama today pushed by executive order some gun control measures. He effectively made it impossible for private citizens to sell their own property (sic) guns unless they have a license from the federal government. His plans are to “boost gun safety technology”, I am not sure what that means and neither are you. This seems to be a further advance to roll back the second amendment and the right for me to own a firearm.

I thought that I would share my personal experience with guns.

I grew up in a very violent household. My father was an alcoholic and drug user. He would get drunk and beat my mother, it was a while before he hit me but at 12 years that happened too. I don’t mean a spanking for some wrong I had done but a backhand that sent me flying across the room because he was high and drunk and violent. I lived in constant fear whenever he didn’t come home right after work that he would show up drunk and beat us.

Well one August night just a few days before I started 7th grade was one of those nights. You never knew what would set him off, and I don’t remember what it was that night either. I was in my room and hard crashing, it was my mother falling to the ground in their bedroom. I got up and started banging on their bedroom door. He came to the door and told me to back to my room. I tried my best as a 12 year old to calm him down, but before I could look up he back handed me and I went flying over my bed. My mom came into the room to see if I was alright. That seem to settle the situation for a few minutes she sent to the kitchen to get a cool towel for my face.

As I was turning back to go to my room my dad had come out of their bedroom and was in between me and my mom. And there was a loud pop and a flash. He shot her! That son of bitch shot my mother! Right there in front of me! I ran to the neighbors as fast as I could and they called they police and an ambulance came. My mom was shot in the stomach. She cried out when she saw the police put my father in the police car. And then I heard her moan, words I hear now that I am writing this. I heard moan… I’m dead… I’m dead…. For years every night I relived this horror.
So when someone talks to me about gun violence I think to myself you cant tell me anything! You can’t relate a sadder story to me than I know by my own experience. So I am not ready to own a gun. I may not ever be ready. But what I do know is making harder for me or anyone else to protect their family only makes the bad guy safer. I am pretty sure that none of President Obama’s executive orders today would prevented my personal tragedy.

As I get older I learn more. I have learned that this freedom thing, is very hard. It can be very painful at times. But it is worth it.