These Are Times That Try Mens’ Souls

This week, two more police shooting that result in the death of two Black men. Black Lives Matter, and the rest of the usual suspects take over Facebook and twitter calling out all of us “Uncle Ruckus” types because we have spoken of up for law and order in our own community. We seek safety in out community. We know that chaos will not provide the atmosphere for growth. And for this will are “part of the problem.” Well today lets talk about the events of the past couple of days.

Terrance Cutcher, was shot and killed by a Tulsa police officer. The dashcam video along with the helicopter footage makes this look like a “bad shoot.” There is an investigation going on and we will see what the Tulsa Police Department determines. At that point we will be in a position to make further commentary. In the other shooting Keith Lamont Scoot reportedly had a hand gun. His family says it was a book. But according to police, Scott was told numerous times to drop it and did not and was eventually shot and killed by Brently Vinson, a Charlotte PD officer. Not that it matters but Vinson is Black. There is an ongoing investigation and we will know more soon.

I am encouraged in the Tulsa shooting based on how quickly the dashcam and helicopter video was released, even though it did show the Tulsa PD in the best light. I am hoping that if there are charges to be filed that it all happens quickly and peacefully. I have not seen video of the Charlotte shooting. I also hope that if there is video it is shown quickly and justice is swift. However that manifests.

My concern is the tense atmosphere in Urban America. In this atmosphere both residents and law enforcement have to be in together. And this makes every encounter more dangerous. Stakeholders in these communities must be willing to engage law enforcement to ease the tension and the atmosphere. Law enforcement have to be willing to make changes to policing and training to ease the same tensions and distrust. Neither side can afford to stand like a north going Zax and a south going Zax nose to nose face to face in the prairie of prax. It is beneficial for all involved to work on real solutions that will make Urban America safer.

Nadra Enzi – Lethal Force The Final Social Program

It boggles my mind at the amount of misplaced sympathy otherwise lucid people direct toward willfully destructive individuals. If the best some can come up with in a 21st century wonderland is repeat offenses and violence, why bother with them? The economic misery of the last 12 years has been borne without assault and larceny by the vast majority of Americans. Is it wise to slap them in the face for being civil and decent under extreme duress?

Ban the box campaigns for felons seeking jobs or reentry programs ignores the plight of non-criminals who can’t find work or enough to sustain themselves. I type as one of those non-criminals, an urban one no less, whose merit is dismissed in a squall of crocodile tears for criminals.

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Nadra Enzi comments on Colin Kaepernick’s Non-Stance During the Pledge

As someone who stands during the Pledge of Allegiance ( raised by a Jim Crow vintage grandmother who always stood on arthritic knees and nerve-damaged feet when it played on TV ), I’m not angered by NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during this national tradition.

He said of this national tradition, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” Young men his age, regardless of wealth, often air a ” Mississippi Burning “view of America as if no progress has happened. It’s part of a calculated hostility which must be deleted.

Grandma, like my late grandfather and mother, were public school educators. They didn’t earn millions as professional football quarterbacks. The America they grew up in denied that coveted position to athletes from our strand of the American fabric.They experienced real oppression and put it in context: they rejected bias without rejecting America. sildenafil and angina igbo culture in things fall apart essay go site bombastic words for factual essay on global warming nome do viagra da ems can take two viagra 50mg essay sample paper 5 paragraph informative essay essays in love free download go biuy viagra canada without prescription good morning song viagra song essay on my mother and motherland how to counteract the side effects of viagra a person you admire essay viagra 2012 patent clomid indux serophene dufine see viagra length of effects good concluding paragraphs essays examples of topics for persuasive essays free essays on being on time see url (Read the rest at

Fight Back Media Group – Colin Kaepernick

It doesn’t stop! The left continues to push their agenda unrelentingly. The have been great at injecting their nonsense into every part of American life. Sports used to be a refuge from the social justice agenda. But now sports has become a platform for social just nonsense to pushed down the throat of an unsuspecting public. It didn’t start with the NBA’s Jason Collins and continued to Micheal Sam of the NFL. We saw St. Louis Rams players come out with the “hands up, don’t shoot”, that started the #blacklivesmatter. There was no mention that it was all based on a lie. And now Colin Kaepernick decides to sit his happy ass down during the national Anthem. His says it was his protest. Colin Kaepernick says they he will not salute a flag of a nation that oppresses Black people.

Colin Kaepernick, most Black people you know are freaking millionaires and live their lives playing football. Not driving a bus, not washing dishes, not hanging off the back of a garbage truck, but playing football where the minimum wage is 435,000! Colin Kaepernick, needs to shut the hell up! If he believes that insulting the men and women that gave their lives so we could all including you, enjoy the freedom and ability to pursue whatever and wherever our dreams have led us. Colin Kaepernick, let me help you, there are about 1000 things you can do that will actually help the condition of Black people in America. Sitting down during the national anthem is NOT one of them. The best part about this is because you are at the end of your NFL career we will not have to hear from or about you.

This mess just seems like the desperate attempt of someone that was relevant for a minute and the chances of being relevant again slim to none. We are just hoping not to hear from Kaepernick again any time soon.