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This is a video explaining what Black Wall Street was and what happened there. The most frustrating thing about all of this that even in this very informative video it doesn’t put forth with enough power to use that very same strength to rebuild something as powerful. The video alludes that Black people no longer have the ability mentally or culturally to rebuild something similar. Fight Back Media Group is of the mind that Black Americans have the inate ability to solve what is the biggest problem they have, economics!

The continuous drone from the left that tries to have minorities singularly focused on race is the message that has hamstrung the development or redevelopment of other “Black Wall Streets.!”

Obama Is A Failure!

Even people in Chicago have discovered the failures of Obama. I think that not only have the failures of Obama become apparent. The only chance that Obama had to do anything worthwhile for Chicago was when he was there.

We Are Sick Of Getting Gamed With Cries Of Racism!

Another Black American who is sick of cries of racism from the left as if that is the only thing that Black people need to be concerned with. It is as if a strong economy is not a concern to those in the Urban community. Mike Carr, makes strong points about holding liberal Democrats that have run these large urban community for decades are never held accountable by Black people. Carr, is strong in his criticism of not only the left but Hillary Clinton. Please share this post. Mike Carr is a voice that needs to be heard!

Fight Back Media Group – In the house Florida Senator Marco Rubio in Plant City


Plant City, Florida – A very hot day in Plant City did not deter a smallish but loyal gathering that cam out to see Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio opened a campaign office in Brandon last week. Many of those in attendance have been Rubio supporters since 2010. Rubio started his senate campaign in Plant City at a Tea Party Rally.

1918401_207099504517_7834667_nWillie Lawson of Fight Back Media Group was there even then.

Rubio spoke to the crowd about the importance of voting. He brought up how important the senate was to the supreme court appointees that may be nominated. he touched on the horror of Obamacare and challenges facing working families.


Rubio spent time taking pictures and connecting with supporters
Rubio spent time taking pictures and connecting with supporters

Fight Back Media Group presents Shirley Husar of Urban Game Changers

Shirley Husar is the mind body and spirit of an organization dedicated to holding local leaders elected and otherwise accountable. Shirley is ready at the drop of a hat to tell you why she thinks and believes what she does. Below is an interview she did with TV2 Africa. You can find out more information about Urban Game Changers at