Fight Back Media Group – In the house Florida Senator Marco Rubio in Plant City


Plant City, Florida – A very hot day in Plant City did not deter a smallish but loyal gathering that cam out to see Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio opened a campaign office in Brandon last week. Many of those in attendance have been Rubio supporters since 2010. Rubio started his senate campaign in Plant City at a Tea Party Rally.

1918401_207099504517_7834667_nWillie Lawson of Fight Back Media Group was there even then.

Rubio spoke to the crowd about the importance of voting. He brought up how important the senate was to the supreme court appointees that may be nominated. he touched on the horror of Obamacare and challenges facing working families.


Rubio spent time taking pictures and connecting with supporters
Rubio spent time taking pictures and connecting with supporters

Fight Back Back Media exposes Black Genocide

Hillary Clinton won the Margret Sanger award. Clinton holds Sanger in high regard and esteem. So it is amazing that she can stand and call Trump or anyone else racist. As she is throwing out her deck of race cards we are countering with truth cards!

Fight Back Media Group presents Kevin Mcgary

Kevin McGary has been relentless in exposing Hillary Clinton’s ties to racist, anti-Black mentors and friends throughout her life. Kevin also exposes that neither Bill of Hillary have denounced any of the relationships, all the while pandering for Black votes and calling Donald Trump and his supporters racists. We are offering gladly a platform to Kevin McGary for his great work. This will be oe of my videos that he has produced.

LYING HYPOCRITE!: Who are we ” boo boo the fool?” This segment will unravel some of the notorious lying hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton. We will juxtapose her pablum from the realities of her actions. In the end, we will confirm who’s the real fools. #RacistClintonsChallenge #ExposeClintonsRacistRoots

Posted by Kevin Mcgary on Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Raw (unedited) audio from Tampa Trump Rally 8/24/2016

This is unedited (other than ads) audio from the Donald Trump Rally held in Tampa Florida on 8/24/2016. The speakers you will hear are Jeff Sessions, Rudy Giuliani, and Donald Trump.

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Thoughts on Tampa Trump Rally – Fight Back Media Group

Frankly, it is pretty amazing that there is such a large crowd at a mid-week rally with almost no notice. This region is not really that good with short notice and miday mid-week events as we can see with Rays baseball games.  But the Florida State Fairgrounds exhibition hall is packed with what seems to be about 3000 people.  The crowd is enthusiastic and was ready to hear the man of the hour.

Tina Pike past Republican state committee-woman was the mistress of ceremonies and did a wonderful job moving the program along. The speaker list included all Florida speakers. Deborah Tamargo, Chair of the Hillsborough County Republican party spoke as a Republican, a woman, and a mother and grandmother giving her full throated endorsement to Trump. She even spoke some of message in spanish to appeal to the Latinos in the crowd.

While the speakers all did an admirible job I could not help notice that an opportunity was missed. Mr. Trump open a very important door last week with his “What the hell do you have to lose” statement toward Black voters.  It seems to me that this was a perfect chance to vibe on that theme. None of the speakers at the Tampa Rally were Black. It might have been seen as pandering but optics matter and this was a missed opportunity for the campaign to throw shade on the main stream media narrative of Trump’s disconnect with Black Americans.

Today was the perfect time for the Fight Back Media Group to be here.

Well, the traveling press I spoke of earlier have arrived. So I am guessing that Trump will hit the stage soon as it is 1:33pm a full 33 minutes late..

Rudy Giuliani on the stage being Rudy, the crowd is eating it up.  Rudy did a great outlining Clinton crimes and misdemeanors. Rudy then pivots and give the usual red meat stuff to the crowed and they are eating it up.

Trump takes the stage at 2:10pm to a huge shout from the crowd. Trump is hitting all of talking points in quick succession. Something to consider, Trump mentions how tough it will be for companies to leave America. but shouldn’t he talk about creating an environment for companies to stay?  ” I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created” said Trump. then switches right to the get out to vote as religious freedom.  Trump promises to repeal and and replace Obamacare. Is this more over-promising? Trump goes to inner-city problems to piggy back from speech last week.  He reiterates, “What do you have to lose?” “to the African American parent, you have the right t walk down the street and not be shot!” Trump eludes to Clinton’s health in an off-handed way.  Trump is spending a great deal of time talking to Blacks and Latinos.  “African Americans are tired of being used by these phony politicians”

Trump says he is going to withdraw America from the TPP.  Trump threatens the use of tariffs.

Today, I am sure that the direction of Fight Back Media Group is correct.

I wrote this kind of how it was happening. I will spend some time expanding on what I witnessed later this week.  Please consider helping to build a brand new media infrastructure. Click on the gofundme widget of scroll down to the PayPal donate button.





LIVE at the Tampa Trump Rally – Fight Back Media Group is ALIVE!

After some resistance at the press gate I was able to to “press” through and enter the event and garner credentials. These credentials are the way the main stream media maintains a stranglehold on nearly everything we see, hear or read. The process is to apply for them and pray you are approved. But today due to the rapidity of organizing this event I was not able to to do that.  I was able to interface with the media person for the Trump campaign and was granted credentials.  Kudos to her for advancing the cause of a free and independent media.

I have not seen the arrival of the “traveling” press, these are all the main stream media pukes that pay for the best seats in order to twist words, leave out important facts, all the while injecting their leftest elitist slant. It looks like I am going to have to move from my current seat in order to accommodate them but this is how this media thing works. The big dogs eat and push everyone else to the back of the pack.

Today solidifies my resolve to build a brand new media infrastructure! You can help at