Covid Vaccines And Making An Educated Choice

It has been a year we have been dealing with Covid-19 and all the things that surround it. We have dealt with travel bans. We have dealt with lock downs. We have suffered through the endless news stories and press briefings! We have dealt with sickness and loss of precious lives. Now it is something else, it is always something else.

December 2020 rolled around and bazinga! Covid-19 vaccines were heading our way! Hallelujah, we are saved! Or at least this what some of you thought. That is until you did some reading on how this first vaccine worked. We are all used to the “hair of the dog” vaccine approach, but this thing is new. That gave some of us reason to pause. But now when we pause for ourselves, we are labeled science deniers and anti-vaxxers.

But what we are really doing is deciding the action our own body. Funny how the left says abortion is a woman’s choice about her own body BUT we do not get the same energy when it comes to vaccines that we put in our own bodies. My advice to people is to consult with their own doctor and come up with a course of action that is best for them! Sunja Gupta is NOT your doctor. Deborah Birx is NOT your doctor. Tony Fauci is NOT your doctor. So, make an appointment with your doctor and have a conversation. Do this especially if you have already had Covid-19. And after that conversation decide about your body for yourself.

You need to resist social pressure to do this or that. This is about your health and your body not anyone else’s. If you choose to get a vaccine know as much as you can about what you are taking. Let your doctor know that you are doing so. That way they can monitor you progress through the process. This is a personal decision not led by fear, guilt, or social pressure. Make sure you know as much as possible and make what you think is the best decision for you!!